Too Hectic by Stephen Cooper

I see more and more clients who either can't make it to training, or miss because of long commutes or work obligations.

Just recently I received this email..."I was stuck in traffic and didn't get back to town until after 6pm. Due to my work schedule, I don't think any of the sessions fit well into my current schedule. Hopefully, I will find a job closer to home soon and my schedule will allow me to join one of the sessions; however, I do not feel my work schedule currently permits it."

And my advice...Unfortunately, these days so many clients like you have long commutes and are expected to work at all hours and day of the week.

20 years ago when I was training many one on one clients, these type of pressures weren't present.

My advice would be to find a simple program that you can fit in at home.  Zuzka on YouTube,  has fast, free workouts.


A book that you might like which I really believe would be helpful is, "Wired to Eat", by Robb Wolf.  It's about diet, but also hits on the importance of sleep, stress reduction, and community.  So often I see people not paying attention to these areas and they battle with weight loss.




Sick, Overwhelmed, and Dying Younger by Stephen Cooper

Foz do Iguacu, Argentina

Foz do Iguacu, Argentina

I know, a pretty wild title for this blog post, but it's what I woke up to this morning.

I rarely look at CNN, (I usually read the physical WSJ), but happened to come across this article basically saying that among high-income countries, the lowest life expectancy at birth is likely to be in the US...similar to Mexico and Croatia.  

"People have a relatively high risk of dying in their 40's and 50's".  Many reasons are mentioned including greater risk of obesity and their associated health risks as well as homicides and road accidents.

I find this extremely sad.  Knowing how "wealthy" we are here in the US, but sadly our health and longevity are going down the tubes.

I see and hear from my clients, just how stressed out, overwhelmed, and sick they are. Expectations to work at all hours, to be on call and available 24/7, along with the incessant lure of news and social media, there is little time for pause.  

We all have choices.

Be mindful of how you invest your time.

What Should I Eat After a Workout? by Stephen Cooper

From today's Nutrition Lesson...

What should you eat after your workout?

You don't have to eat special "fitness foods" after your workout.  You know the ones so often hyped by unscrupulous trainers and supplement companies.

If you're not hungry after your workout, wait a little while. Follow your hunger and fullness cues.

Let your body be your guide.

Once you feel truly physically hungry, have a normal meal of real food.

When in doubt, ask yourself:

- Am I truly physically hungry?

- Does this meal nourish my body?

- Does this meal help me look, feel, and perform better?

- Does this meal add value to my body?

*If you are a current Boot Camp client, you can be getting these lessons daily, for free. If you aren't training with me, but would like to sign up for this nutrition coaching plan, contact me.

Remembering Ishi by Stephen Cooper

Yesterday I attended the funeral for a grammar school buddy of mine.  He passed away from a heart attack at the age of 52.

I hadn't spoken to Ishi for many years, probably not since high school.  We'd written through Facebook some, but I hadn't seen him for a long time.

He and I grew up in the same neighborhood.  Those were the days when you rode your bike to a buddy's house and actually played outside.

I remember him so fondly because he always greeted me and others with a big genuine smile.   He radiated a warmth and sincereness that is so often missing from people these days.

One of my childhood friends put it simply, "everyone loved Ishi".

And another friend said, "he was a warrior".  A warrior in the best sense of the word.  One who was faithful, strong, a solid friend, and deeply caring.

It's a sad reminder of just how precious each moment is.

For me, it's also a reminder of what is really important in life.  A clarification of how I want to be remembered, and how to spend each day being authentic and more loving.

I'll miss you buddy.











Special Price for Spring Boot Camps - NEW Camps Start March 1 by Stephen Cooper

The first few months of 2017 have been rainier than usual, and I realize that many of you have missed classes because of the I've created a special offer to get you back on track.

This month, the Monday/Wednesday/Friday camps have 14 classes which would normally cost $175...but I am dropping the cost of the March Camp to $159.  That's about $11 a class!  

* Note that spots are quite limited for new clients in the MWF AM Camp.

The Tuesday/Thursday Camp will have 9 classes in March, and the cost will be $125.

(For active clients, I will make sure you are training at the best preferred price possible.)

About the Camp

  • You'll participate in 12 or 9, forty-five-minute fat burning classes.
  • We may use TRX's, kettlebells, medicine balls, boxing equipment, and your own bodyweight
  • Exercises are adjusted to challenge you, yet not push you past a safe place.
  • You don't need to bring any equipment, only a towel, drinking water and an exercise mat.
  • Small classes so you get personal attention.
  • Personal attention and coaching.  Ask questions any time, via email or in class.


  • Access to daily Nutrition Coaching via Precision Nutrition.  (Valued at $179 per month)  I offer this to Boot Campers, but know there is a considerable commitment of time, and really working on yourself.  I will discuss this option with you when and if you are interested.
  • Off day workouts.  Once again, I offer this help to those who can commit to more work outside of Boot Camp.  The workouts are not necessary, but can accelerate your progress if you can make the time commitment.


  • I prefer that you stick to one Camp time slot...but I can create a personalized training schedule to fit in with your hectic schedule.  My goal is to get you the results you want.  

Contact me with any questions

  • Email:
  • Phone:  (626) 609-7399



Do You Ever Wonder Why We Often Do Bodyweight Workouts? by Stephen Cooper

Does it seem like we often do a lot of bodyweight workouts?

We do.  I want you to realize how big of an impact such "simple" exercises can provide.  

As you've probably felt, those workouts can really make you you know that are challenging.  Challenge creates good stress to the body and therefore creates positive changes.

Another reason is that I want you to remember that when you are training on your own, that you don't need equipment.  Missing a boot camp workout, or not having equipment, is no excuse to skip. You've got all the equipment you need with just your body weight. 

Lady Gaga and the TRX Suspension Trainer by Stephen Cooper

Lady Gaga training with the TRX before the Super Bowl

Lady Gaga training with the TRX before the Super Bowl

Core and fat loss training.

I'm not sure if you saw the Super Bowl, or Lady Gaga's performance.  Honestly, I only saw part of the first half, and clips of the second half and her performance.

But what interests me, is the "behind the scenes" training of both the players and Lady Gaga.  I'm fascinated by their commitment, dedication, and execution.  I study those who are at the top of their game no matter what profession.  They have achieved their success for a reason.

Lady Gaga was using the TRX Suspension trainer before her performance.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the TRX, it was designed by a former Navy Seal and Harvard MBA graduate.  We've been using the TRX in my boot camps for over 8 years.  (First Boot Camp in the Pasadena area, by the way.)

Myself and other professional trainers like Harley Pasternak (Lady Gaga's trainer) use them because they are safe, can be modified to work with your fitness level, and they always work the core and transfer over to real world applications.

For those active in my Boot Camp classes, I've been sending out the full write up of workouts (when they miss).  And today we did a TRX workout.  When I went to Amazon to see the price of a TRX, I noticed that they now offer a less expensive option.  Way back, I paid around $200 for each TRX.  Now TRX offers a home version for just $99.95  Click here to see it on Amazon.

For those of you who aren't training with me, but would like to receive the workouts and training plan, plus nutrition coaching, please contact me for details.  

Now, get to work!


Last night we spoke about what works... by Stephen Cooper

Last night there were only a couple of clients at Boot Camp, so we had the opportunity to chat a little deeper than usual.

I mentioned to them that the more years I train, the more I believe that diet is about 80-90% of how you'll lose and keep the fat off.  (And when I say the word "diet" it's just that..the manner in which you eat.)

There a probably about 6 ways in which those who are super lean, get that way.  When I speak of "those" I'm talking about the Social Media picture taking people, actors, and body builders/fitness competitors.

Some people get that way with lucky genetics.  That's just the way it is.  They can eat more, train less, and still remain lean.

Many bodybuilders stick to a pretty high protein, low carb, and mostly low-fat method.  

The next option is a high protein low carb high fat (Keto diet).  

Another is sticking to a specific ratio (Macros) of protein, carbs, and fat...all adding up to a specific calorie intake.

Some do IF, or intermittent fasting...eating meals only in a certain window of time each day.

Some eat a "clean" or a Paleo-inspired diet.

And of course, there are vegan, and other special diets.

Mostly what they have in common are wholesome foods, in specific quantities,  to provide the fuel and energy you need to thrive, but not going above that.

You can experiment with any of these methods to see what best fits with you.  (Of course, if your medical professional advises you not to, then pay attention.)  

The faster you need to get the weight off (wedding, anniversary, etc.), then the more strict you'll have to be with any of these options. 

If you need help or have specific questions about any of these, contact me.



If you miss a class by Stephen Cooper

For my new clients...  

If you miss a class, drop me a quick email and let me know what happened.  
I know when you don't make it, and wonder what has happened.  Are you sick,
out of town, injured, lazy?  I like to know so I can help you stay on track.  
Know that most times you can make up that missed class on any day before
the month ends.  Missed classes don't carry over. 

I'm also trying to get in the habit of emailing a link to the daily workout, so you
can do it on your own.  Email me if you have any questions when looking over
the workout.  I realize too that you may have told me in person about
missing...and I've forgotten to write it down, I apologize.  

My goal is to help you get to your goals as soon as possible (while staying
safe), so keeping me in the loop when you miss, is important.  

Thanks, Coop

February Camps by Stephen Cooper

Foz do Igaucu, Argentina

Foz do Igaucu, Argentina

I believe that the coldest and darkest month has passed, so for those of you who have been hibernating, it's time to get back to training.

The past few months have been very stressful for so many.  My hope is that you carve out time for eating well, training smart, and paying attention to your sleep habits.  The higher the stress in your life, the more you need to focus on your health.  Don't beat yourself up in trying to be perfect in all areas, but make the effort to make small improvements, and be consistent.

February Boot Camps Begin Tomorrow.  Contact me with questions.


Wednesday, February 1 - Monday/Wednesday/Friday Camps Begin $175

Thursday, Feb 2 - Tuesday/Thursday Camps Begin $135

Saving time by Stephen Cooper

So many clients tell me how stressed they are about the lack of time.

Here's a tip I recently sent a client...

I was thinking about your meal prep, and wanted to give you a couple of suggestions for breakfast.

You could set up a monthly subscription on Amazon and get some EAS protein drinks and some almonds.  Or some sardines.

Having the monthly delivery saves time and adds convenience.  

- Note that I'm not saying this is the best or most healthy way to eat, but in the reality of jobs, families, and life in general...these are a couple of ideas.


Regular classes on Jan 16, Martin Luther King Day


January 2017 Camps by Stephen Cooper

2017 Camp Announcements

In planning ahead for 2017, I have two major themes.

Simplifying and being Proactive


With our lives becoming ever more complicated and fast paced (think eating with one hand, and texting with the other while driving), I'm going to try to strip away the clutter and distractions.  In my own life, this means less or no social media and deeper study on improving myself, and learning and sharing how I can better help you.  

I'll be sharing with you here on the blog, newsletter, and email. 

For you...take a close look and to see how and where you are directing your time and energy.  Make the most of each moment in 2017.

Second...being proactive.

As life and time seem to speed by, it's even more important to execute the steps which bring you closer to your goals.  A lot of things and people will be enticing you to spend your time and energy with them in 2017, but pause and direct your own path.

Two new things for Boot Campers in 2017

So many of you are now using the FitBit, that starting in January I will be able to monitor your physical activity, as well as your healthy eating.  You'll check in on your phone, and I will have a dashboard where I can see your steps/exercise/sleep, etc, and make my suggestions.

And also new and very exciting, is the nutrition and lifestyle daily coaching program with Precision Nutrition. I've been following PN ever since I became a trainer, and this plan is top notch.  As long as you are an active and full-time Boot Camper, I will get you on board.  You'll receive daily coaching, tips, and accountability.  (Note that PN charges $179 per month on their site for this coaching)  And this plan is for 52 weeks!  (Note that I will be charging non Boot Campers for this added coaching, but I'm passing this along for free as a thanks to you for training with me.) 

2017 Boot Camps start on Jan 3 (Tue/Thur), and Jan 4 (Mon/Wed/Fri).

Cost is $187 for MWF
and    $147 for Tu/Th

Please contact Hazel(at) for questions, or call us at (626)609-7399.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays...and the very best of health and happiness in 2017.

See ya,

Important Dates and Holiday Schedule by Stephen Cooper

Hi guys,

I will be taking some time off, so Shea will be covering classes for me through Jan 6.

For questions, you can contact Hazel(at), or Shea during class.  

Please have a look at the schedule below, as you want to make sure that you don't come on one of the days we don't have class.  

Please note that I'll be away from email and social media too.


Dec 14

Dec 15 - evening class only

Dec 16


Dec 19

Dec 20 - evening class only

Dec 21

Dec 22 - evening class only

Dec 23 No evening class


Dec 26 (Monday - no class.)

Dec 27 - evening class only

Dec 28

Dec 29 - evening class only

Dec 30 (The evening class may be canceled, check with Shea.)


Jan 2 No Classes

Jan 3 Classes begin - evening class only

Jan 4

Jan 5 - evening class only

Jan 6


Once a Year Special Price Starts Today by Stephen Cooper

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I am very grateful to those of you who have attended Boot Camp this year.  I get a lot of joy in helping you and sharing in your progress and spending time with you in class.  I sincerely appreciate you.

To those who've trained with me for some time, you know that I try to be as reasonable as I can with your payments and the fee that I charge for the Camps.  And you also know that I don't offer gimmicks, or advertise throughout the year.  I'd much rather have a smaller, more dedicated clientele, rather those looking for a quick fix from misleading marketing hype.

So, this brings me to the special for 2017.

Starting today and ending on December 9th, you can prepay and save 15% on as many Camps as you'd like for 2017.  You can buy as many months as you like at the discounted rate, or pay for the whole year. It's totally up to you. You'll just need to decide how committed you are, and how this fits into your budget.  

But, remember that this special offer ends December 9th.  

Payments can be made in person by bringing me cash or a check, or I can accept payments online via Venmo or PayPal.

Note that rates will be going up in 2017.  I want to purposely keep the classes small, and provide a more personal experience.  

As the world gets busier, my desire is to dig deeper and share what works with you.  More noise, more soundbites, and more distractions are not the answer to better health and fat loss.

For 2017 I will be buying some new equipment, and really helping you to stay focused on what matters, and what produces results.

Thanks so much!


Schedule for Thanksgiving Week and December by Stephen Cooper

A quick reminder that this will be a very short week.

You only have Monday and Tuesday to train.  Make the most of these days.

In years past, I've held class on both the day before, and the day after Thanksgiving.  Many said they would train, but few showed.  

This year I will take off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I find that I'm a better trainer, with some regular days off.

Speaking of off, after Thanksgiving I will be reducing my time on social media.  I will have someone cover and post on the Facebook Page, but if you need to reach me, please email me.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I want to keep the focus of updates and news here on the site. 


November 23,24,25 no classes

December 1, new Tues/Thur Camp begins

December 2, Mon/Wed/Fri Camp begins

December 23 no class Christmas 

December 26 no class Christmas

Jan 2 no class New Years Observed

Stressed out, or strong? by Stephen Cooper

This election time has been one of the most stressful times I've seen for my clients.

There was a look of disbelief, sadness, and numbness in their faces.

Today more than ever, it's important to exercise, eat well, and do what you can to reduce your stress.  Maybe easier said than done, but important to do so.

October 2016 Boot Camps by Stephen Cooper

Hard to believe that it is October already.  I sincerely hope that you have been putting in the work towards your health and fitness.

Sadly, with more and more information being thrown at us, I see many people caught up in the noise, rather than bearing down and getting the work done.  

You have choices. Focus on directing your own path, rather than being a victim of what the media and others would like you to do and believe.


Camps start on Monday the 3rd, and Tuesday the 4th.

You can pay via credit card or Apple Pay through these links.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM Camp 13 classes for $175

Monday/Wednesday/Friday PM Camp 13 classes for $175

Tuesday/Thursday AM Camp 8 classes for $125

Tuesday/Thursday PM Camp 8 classes for $125


Improve each day by Stephen Cooper

Running near Echo Mountain in Altadena

Running near Echo Mountain in Altadena

Review, refine, and improve on your habits each day. Our time here is very limited.

It saddens me to see people wasting days drifting further away from better health because they've chosen to eat poorly, and skip workouts.

Know that as your coach I'm not here to sugar coat things. I'm here to push you.