Amy Kubal, Registered Dietitian

"Hi! I’m Amy, a Registered Dietitian whose only agenda is to help you navigate your food journey. During my 12 years in the profession I’ve developed a “trend free”, individualized approach in my practice. Having spent much of my life battling an eating/exercise disorder, I know first-hand that relationships with food are often complex – regardless of our weight, goals, and health.

I am well-versed in working with Paleo, autoimmune, ketogenic, digestive and kidney health, performance, eating disorder, and figure/bodybuilding diet/nutrition plans. Currently, I serve as a consultant dietitian for Robb Wolf, The Paleo Mom, Training Bible Coaching, CrossFit Twin Cities, and Boot Camp Pasadena. I also work independently with a wide range of diets, health conditions, athlete types, and ages.

While I’ve spent the past six years working in the Paleo world, and believe in the ‘real food’ approach – I have come to realize that the paleo template often needs to be individualized and it isn’t the right path for everyone. That’s where my idea for the “Trend Free RD” was born. So, whether you’re following or want to follow a paleo, autoimmune, vegetarian, ketogenic, low carb, or any special diet type, or if you’re an “Equal Opportunity Eater” – I want to help you find the balance that will get and keep you healthy allowing you to achieve your performance/body composition goals, foster a healthy relationship with food, and leave you fully equipped to enjoy both your life and food! My goal is to help you get to a healthy place – physically and mentally while finding a sustainable, for life, eating style that works for you. I truly believe that a healthy lifestyle can be part of your life, but your diet and exercise should not be your whole life.

In addition to helping people get healthy and heal their relationships with food; writing and speaking are two of my other passions. I have contributed to and written articles for Women’s World, Shape, Men’s Health, Paleo Magazine, and several other publications. I have been blogging regularly for several years on RobbWolf.com, (some of my most popular and favorite articles from that site here too!) I’ve also co-authored “The Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook” and “The Paleo Foodie Cookbook”; and contributed the forward to the cookbook “Paleo Grilling”. Additionally, I served as technical editor for both “The Paleo Cookbook for Dummies” and “The 10-Pounds Off Paleo Diet”. I have given presentations and seminars at Paleo Fx, the Ancestral Health Symposium, and also at numerous businesses and gyms.

My goal is to help everyone feel welcome, learn some things about food and themselves, bust nutrition and health myths, and discover there’s more than one way to be and stay healthy. Oh, and we’re going to have fun too.

Together Stephen and I will help you get stronger, leaner, and healthier.  No matter what your goals are - whether it is weight loss, mass gain, leaning out, maintaining what you've got, or simply answering your questions about diet and nutrition - tell me what you need and I'll help you.